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Sharon Gordon - Creator of Indi Oils

Sharon Gordon - Creator of Indi Oils

Welcome! You might be pondering how I found CBD in my life and why I take it.  The simple answer is that it found me and that it has become life changing. It was one of those things I didn’t know I was missing until I found it. I assumed that life sent us illness and aches and pains especially whilst we got older and that taking medication was the only option. As with many things when friends or family find something they can trust for their own health and recommend it to me, I’m a little closer to giving that something a go. And this is exactly what happened.
My son a professional dancer, mentioned that he used CBD for helping muscle repair as he works his body so hard. He said that he was sure it would help my arthritis . After researching and discovering the wonders of this amazing plant and realising that it was safe and quite different from the reputation that it has gained, I started taking it – not quite sure if it really would make a difference. Well that’s why you are reading this as it certainly did! When I look back I can’t believe how many pain killers I was taking to just carry on with my everyday activities and as we now know there are many side effects on the body taking these long term.
Being out and about walking with my dog and riding my horse is so important to me and being able to have back so much movement without pain is just wonderful. But what I didn’t expect was the effect on my well-being. Having struggled with my mental health I also found my anxiety levels were lower and my sleep improved.
I began to realise there was so much more to CBD and I started recommending it to friends and family and saw how many positive effects it had with so many sicknesses and ailments. I knew that I wanted to share and make it available to more people so they could bring the benefits into their life’s too. So Indi Oils was born. After a lot of research I found a supplier and was happy to find that the CBD is extracted from plants grown without chemicals and comes from Europe.
So that’s our story,  I hope it inspires you to take some yourself and for it to become part of your everyday life as it has become part of mine.
Life is good!


The cannabis that we use in Indi Oils is grown without the use of any pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilisers or harmful chemicals.

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Our CBD Oil comes straight from cannabis flowers grown on the sunny hemp farms of Europe. Our oils are Vegan and Lactose Friendly!


We offer a personal and honest service! Most of our business comes from word of mouth.

Lab Tested

All our products are regularly lab tested to make sure they are 100% safe, you can see the results below!


CBD is non-intoxifying and is legal to buy in the UK and throughout the European Union.