Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked specific questions relating to our products, our payment methods and our shipping policy. Below are answers to some of the most often asked questions! If your questions isn’t answered below please feel free to send an email or call us on 07771-928271.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in the flowers of the hemp plant. CBD was once over-shadowed by THC (the compound in cannabis sativa that causes a buzz) but in the last five years there has been a dramatic increase in scientific research into CBD.
Much scientific research is currently being undertaken, all around the world, into CBD and the other cannabinoids, and in the next five years we will likely see an exponential rise in the numbers of users of these non-intoxicating and fascinating substances.

Indi Oils CBD is a food supplement created from legal strains of cannabis sativa and sold from our online shop in the UK.

Yes! The CBD used in Indi Oils comes from hemp flowers grown legally on farms in the European Union. Hemp is legal to buy & sell throughout the European Union. So you can use Indi Oils in the knowledge that you are not breaching any laws. In other parts of the world the law can be less liberal so, regretfully we don’t sell our products outside the EU.

We currently ship to all of Europe except Norway, Iceland, Spain, Portugal and Malta. We offer first class postage to the UK for £4 for up to 4 bottles. We also ship to the rest of Europe for £8.

Once your order has been processed online and payment received, your CBD oil will be posted within 24 hours. 

The cannabis that we use in Indi Oils is grown without the use of any pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilisers or harmful chemicals. Hemp does not require any additional, unnatural help in growing due to it being an incredibly resilient and fast growing plant.

CBD is taken as a food supplement to increase your body’s own naturally produced ‘Cannabinoids’. Everyone is unique and how you respond to the CBD maybe different from one person to another. It is recommended that you start with a small dose such as 1 spray and gradually build up over a few days, increasing to 3 sprays after a week.  

Indi Oils come in an easy to use spray bottle. Ideally taken before food, the oil is sprayed under your tongue and held there for a 2 minutes if possible, before swallowing. This is the quickest route into the bloodstream. We do not recommend more than 9 sprays per day in total. Don’t forget to give CBD time, you must keep taking it to see positive results.

CBD is fat soluble. That’s a problem for us as our bodies are made of water. When we swallow CBD it goes straight through us with hardly any of it reaching the bloodstream. By holding it under our tongue, we have a direct route to the bloodstream. The longer you leave it there the better!

As with all supplements and well-being products it is always recommended to consult your doctor or healthcare professional before taking CBD if you are already taking medication.

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